BC 900 GPS

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1. Getting started

1.1 How to install the cyclometer on your bike ?
1.2 "Dashboard system" compatibility.
1.3 How to use the cyclometer buttons?
1.4 Getting started with the bc900 cyclometer.
1.5 The cyclometer: main menus.
1.6 How to set the language on your cyclometer?
1.7 How to change the functions displayed on the screen while riding?
1.8 How to start a new ride session?
1.9 How to start an indoor session (exercise bike)?
1.10 How to pause the cyclometer during your session?
1.10 How to stop and save your session? 
1.12 How to set intermediate times (laps)?
1.13 Using the display backlight.

Software apps

Your BC900 cyclometer is a "smart" bike computer that can be synced with your phone over Bluetooth Smart. This allows you to see your routes on a map, analyse your ride data, and save all of your ride history and stats. 

To shorten the time needed to transfer data from the cyclometer to the app, we recommend running the sync after each session.

2.1 How to connect the bc900 to your phone?
2.2 How to transfer your ride data from your bc900 to your phone?
2.3 Why does it sometimes take a long time to sync your session data?
2.4 How to sync with strava, apple health, and other third-party applications?
2.5 What to do in case of a transfer error?

3. Updating the cyclometer firmware

3.1 How to update the cyclometer software (firmware)?

4. Use with sensors

4.1 Which sensors are compatible with the bc900 cyclometer?
4.2 How to connect a heart rate, cadence, speed or power sensor to your cyclometer?
4.3 How to define a target range for heart rate, cadence, or power?

5. Accuracy

5.1 How to speed up gps signal reception ?
5.2 How is altitude measured?

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